Blue Moon (Aldari/Feya RP)

Aldari returned from his mission to find more about the Thalmor feeling less certain than when he left. What information he’d been able to gather—which wasn’t much, all things considered—didn’t sit quite well with the old mer, especially with his apprentice in their care for who-knew how long.

Even so, he looked up at the gates and smiled. Feya and he had written back and forth a few times during the trip, and, now that he was back in Riften, they had agreed to meet and catch up on things in person. To his own surprise, he was greatly looking forward to it.

He made his way through the crowded streets and into the Bee and Barb. The place wasn’t as crowded as he expected, but that was just as well; it meant he had plenty of tables to choose from, and chose one in a relatively isolated spot where they would be able to chat in peace. Then it was a matter of settling in and waiting.

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    "Same t’ye, Feya," Aldari returned. "Goodnight." Leaving the inn, Aldari walked slowly back to his hovel, mulling over...
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    Feya smiled, hugging him around the waist gently and smiling in return, “Oh, Aldari. You’re too sweet to me. I almost...